Violins, Keyboard, Guitar/ Bass Guitar, Ukulele Banjo 

Caller included

Easy dances for everyone

We always walk the dances through and teach the steps first, if you are more knowledgeable then we can move at as fast a pace as you wish! Barn Dances are great fun and great mixers too!

English, Irish, Scottish!

Traditional Country Dances 

Blaydon Races, Circassian Circle, Three Meet, Bridge of Athelone, The Music Man, Gay Gordons, The Big Set, Pat A Cake, Lucky Seven, Virginia Reel, Dorset Ring Dance, I Wanna be Near You, Cumberland Galopede, Pin Reel, Cumberland Long Eight, Camptown Hornpipe, Brighton Camp, The dashing White Sargent drops of Brandy, Three Sea Captains, Devon Jig, Military Two Step, Country Bumpkin, Strip the Willow, Big Corral, Oxo Reel, Huntsman Chorus.

Waltzes for ballroom dancing.

American Reels.mp3

Donny Brook Boys.mp3

Nancy`s Fancy.mp3

Irish Jigs.mp3

Shetland Reels.mp3

Folk Music 12.mp3